“I like your beige purse, Harry.”

“It’s a hunting satchel, Don.”

“Let’s ask the dogs.”


“That bark sounded like ‘purse’ to me.”

“Ahh, come on Don, you’re being silly.”

“Can I put my books in your purse before we head out?”

“What for?”

“I told you a thousand times, Harry. I hate hunting. It’s painfully boring. I’m bringing my books to keep entertained.”

“You’re joking, Don. I thought you loved hunting. Why’d you come out?”

“Cause we’re friends, Harry.”

“Well thanks, Don. I appreciate the company. I really do.”

“And your wife pays me to get you out of the house once a week.”

“What on earth for?”

“I don’t ask questions, Harry. I just get you out and collect my payments. Whatever Sheryl does in her free time is up to her. She’s a grown woman.”