“I’m not excited about tomorrow,” said Amy, throwing an empty pop can across the parking lot.

“You’re gonna do great at the interview,” replied Susie (who was Amy’s very best friend in the whole wide world).

“But then I’ll probably get the job.”

“Don’t you want to get it?”

“And become another cog in the capitalist machine?”

Susie wrinkled her nose. “Amy, sometimes I think you forget that we’re 14.”

“Ha. Well, if I get the job, we’ll know Cherry Berry isn’t worried about child labor.”

“I thought you said it was legal for you to work there.”

“It is. How many weeks do you think I should wait ’til I start a union?”

“A what? That’s not going to work whatever it is.”

“I think it could be a good school project.”

“For what class?”

“I’m going to try and get college credit.”

“They don’t give that to kids in junior high.”

“We’re going into high school, Susie. And if they don’t, it’ll just be another example of how my labor is undervalued.”

“Whatever you say, Amy. Do you still want to go swim in the river?”

“For my last free day on earth? Absolutely.”