And God biked past me, cigarette in her mouth.
She took a right on Talmage Ave. and carried her two wheels inside.
After a macaroni dinner, she forgave the world’s sins.
And brushed her teeth.
Dentist appointment on Tuesday.

The Television cried out for justice.
But God couldn’t hear.
She was searching for floss.

Tuesday rolled around and God’s ex wouldn’t stop texting.
Four cavities.
One unmendable relationship.
And God forgave herself.

The Dentist showed up for community service at 2 p.m.
His newest hire would handle the rest of the patients.
God was surprised to see him there.
They were both grateful for the laugh.
And the Dentist forgave God.
She was a shitty wife.
With shitty teeth.
Macaroni-stained and ready for repentance.