“I heard that everybody in heaven is vegan,” says Maurice.

“I don’t think I’d like to go if that’s the case,” replies Tammy.

“But it can’t just be heaven for the humans, Tammy.”

“You don’t think it’s a pig’s dream come true when he’s served as bacon with eggs and pancakes in a cute little heaven diner off the corner of King David Avenue?”


“Well, it sounds heavenly to me.”

“I imagine a sea of veggies with the light of Jesus illuminating its fibers. The rays of light springing from below and behind.”

“Alright, Maurice. Maybe we can trust that there’s different regions of heaven. Some vegan cities and some greasy cities.”

“Well, the pigs in my city will be loved and cherished, not slaughtered.”

“Maurice, I’ll come and visit you when Jesus has to heal my high cholesterol one too many times.”

“Okay Tammy, I just hope he heals your murderous, bacon-loving heart as well.”