“Pops, you okay?” asked Donny.

“Uh…yeah, fine,” replied Pops.

“Cause that alligator bite doesn’t look like it’s gonna heal on its own. Maybe you should get that looked at.”

“Hmm, doesn’t seem fair. That gator has a pretty big bite wound too…and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have access to healthcare. Wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

“Pops, human vs. gator in hand-to-hand combat is never fair…in favor of the gator, if I really need to spell it out for ya.”

“I picked the fight, fair and square. And ain’t nobody dressing that gator’s wounds.”

“Well it’s over now. And I think you should go to the hospital.”

“Alright, but only if we check on that gator first and make sure it’s okay…I didn’t get to see how big that chunk of flesh I tore out of it was.”

“Whatever you say Pops. As long as you end up with a bandage and not in another fight with that gator.”

“We’ll go with discourse instead of teeth today then…I could probably use some time to heal.”