Xavier wakes up from his dream.

As he sits in bed, the images of the dream float through his brain again.

Everybody at the pool is dressed up in some sort of cookie costume. He’s in one too. Apparently, he’s an Oreo. There’s a sign that says Happy Easter. He overhears a conversation between two women who comment how fun it is to take a note from Halloween and dress up for resurrection day. Looking to his right, Xavier sees a 10-foot-tall bunny chomping on cookies. The bunny wipes the crumbs from its upper lip and dives in the pool, which is filled with not water, but milk. Suddenly, Xavier feels an overwhelming urge to speak with the bunny. He dives in after the rabbit and finds that the pool is much deeper than he expected. He sinks deeper and deeper, searching in vain for the enticing creature. Right as he bumps into a furry wall, equally as white as the milk, he awakes.

Now resting his head on his pillow once again, the images flee from his mind, but his desire to speak with the bunny remains.