Rudy: What if hell isn’t a lake of fire? It’s a lake of lake of lime juice. And the eternal punishment is the sting in your eyes that never ceases.

Kate: You sound like a crazy person.

Rudy: But really, what if?

Kate: Why’re you always thinking about hell?

Rudy: I think it has something to do with my childhood. I’m trying to overcome my fear by making hell seem ridiculous.

Kate: Sounds like you think too much.

Rudy: You never think about what happens when you die?

Kate: Not really, we don’t really know, do we?

Rudy: A lot of people act like they do.

Kate: Faith and all that.

Rudy: Yeah, faith…sounds difficult.

Kate: You make everything difficult, Rudy.

Rudy: But life is complicated.

Kate: Sure. But I think you could use a good dose of confirmation bias.

Rudy: About what?

Kate: Anything. Just so you feel certain about something.

Rudy: A false certainty?

Kate: Sure, maybe. But maybe you’ll be right.

Rudy: And it’s highly probable I’ll be wrong.

Kate: A story doesn’t have to be right to make you feel good.

Rudy: So feeling good is the goal?

Kate: Works for me. You look like you feel like shit.

Rudy: Whatever, I just like thinking about this stuff.

Kate: If you’re truth is that uncertainty is the most honest way to live, then don’t complain when you fail to grasp at certainty.

Rudy: Fair enough.

Kate: I’ve had enough of all this heavy talk. Are we still going to Wendy’s?

Rudy: I’ve always pictured purgatory as a Wendy’s. Bad carpet and square hamburgers.

Kate: Shut up, Rudy.