1: You can legitimately put entrepreneur in your Instagram bio.

2: High margin businesses are boring.

3: You will add low-paying jobs to the economy.

4: You will always have a lifetime supply of salami at your fingertips.

5: Dating will be cheaper. You can pay for dinner at cost.

6: You will add to your mother’s disappointment that you never got a good, steady job.

7: Politicians will pretend to care about your small business during election year.

8: As a child, you fell asleep scheming about different types of restaurants you could open when you grew up. You loved sandwiches. You thought about opening up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich restaurant (talk about differentiation) but settled on a deli because delis are cooler and have a more defined market. You dreamt about the layout and the name and imagined how much fun it would be to tell people you owned a deli.

9: You might make money.