Yesterday we went to this lady’s house. I think mom gets that nasty protein powder from her. They were talking about pro-bio blah blah, I don’t know.

We were there for hours.

The lady had a son around our age, but he threw a chunk of mud at us and told us we were dumb. So, my brother and I snuck around the house till we found the VCR and TV. It was in their upstairs family room. I always thought that was weird when people had an extra living room upstairs.

Half an hour into The Little Mermaid, the mean kid’s older sister walked in and made fun of us for watching the movie. Apparently, we were too old (and too male?) for a movie like that. But I got an excited feeling in my tummy when she teased us. She was really pretty and probably three or four years older than me.

She watched it with us for five minutes before getting bored. She said she was going to get a snack and asked if we wanted to go come with her to the kitchen. I wanted more than anything to follow her—to the ends of the earth if possible. But my cheeks were turning crimson and I didn’t want her to notice. So I told her I wanted to keep watching the movie. She shrugged and bounced off, probably thinking about what a dumb little kid I was.

Later, while riding home in the back of the station wagon, I decided that I would never watch The Little Mermaid again. And that the best type of person to be insulted by is a pretty girl.