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Tori had a roommate in college who was obsessed with two things. Lava lamps and knives. The knives were, of course, against the res hall’s policy, but Tori was too terrified to turn in her roommate. After Tori went to sleep, her roommate would read her satanic bible by the light of her lava lamps and sharpen her knives. More than once Tori woke up to the frightening scene. After requesting a transfer to another hall, Tori found scribbled threats on old yellowed paper on her pillow when her roommate wasn’t around. Again, too scared to report her, Tori slept on the lobby couch until her transfer was approved. After freshman year, Tori assumed her roommate dropped out because she never saw her again.

Years after college, Tori randomly looked up her old mental tormentor on Facebook. To her surprise, Tori found out that her old roommate was now an accountant with a clean cut husband and two brand-name-wearing kids. Any vestiges of her dark interests had been wiped away…at least from her Facebook page.

Tori still wondered about some of those threats.