I jumped in the all-green ball pit.

As soon as my foot hit the first “ball” I knew I made a mistake.

The play area supervisor’s chest rose and fell as his hearty laughs stretched the fabric of his reddish flannel, the buttons struggling to keep the shirt together.

Why isn’t he wearing a uniform I questioned as the weight of my body turned the peas into mushed pea soup.

I looked again at the man and saw that he was my father. But when he held out his hand, his face was different. Now, he was my grandfather. Wait. Wasn’t my grandfather dead?

His outstretched hand was no help. I began to feel an arm from beneath me yanking on my boot-cut jeans.

My main concern was that I needed a bath and the person below me was keeping me from it.

The view of my grandfather was slowly blurring.

As soon as I took my last breath before being completely submerged below the peas, I woke up.

I shook the sleep and the nightmare from my eyes.

I think I’ll lay off the Domino’s for a while I thought to myself, throwing the empty pizza box off the bed and turning back to sleep.