“Do we fancy a swim?” Cindy asks herself. She’s gin-drunk and peering into her neighbor’s backyard pool. Her Neighbor, Cecilia, is out of town—up at the cabin for The Fourth.

Cindy fumbles in a circle as her clothes come off. “Time for a little splish-splash,” she mumbles as she climbs the ladder.

The lukewarm water welcomes Cindy’s naked cannonball. Some water splashes over the sides. Cindy hopes it’s not enough for Cecelia to notice when she returns.

After a couple laps back and forth, Cindy floats on her back and looks up at the tree branches hovering above the pool.

“I can feel myself becoming less interesting over time,” she whispers to the tree. “I’ve been trying to think of something thoughtful to say to my friends, but all I do is work.” Half-expecting the tree to respond, Cindy begins to cry when she realizes the tree cannot hear her.

Very drunk and very sad, Cindy climbs out of the pool and crawls back to her house. She orders a pizza but passes out on her couch before it arrives.

A week later, she receives a video text from Cecelia. The security camera footage has immortalized her backyard shenanigans.

Cindy watches the sloppy cannonball a dozen times before reaching for the gin and curling up in a blanket to hide from her neighbors forever.