The Homeschool Supply Center, a three-story building, loomed over the main street of a small town northwest of Minneapolis. Townsfolk often wondered how such a business could survive.

Non-homeschoolers only ever saw the first story, where they would sometimes buy pencils or notebooks if there happened to be a sale and they happened to just have finished up breakfast at Andy’s Diner across the street.

The owner, Cheryl Meltantini, made considerably more money from the revenue source on the second story—advanced tutoring for homeschoolers who were already academically ahead of their mothers.

The second story business wouldn’t have surprised many people and was a much less guarded secret. It’s the third story business, a male brothel servicing the secret passions of homeschool mothers, that was the real money maker for Homeschool Supply Center.

Cheryl Meltantini managed to keep the secret for over three decades before selling the building and retiring on Lake Minnetonka.

The sale of the building made the local paper. The article included a quote from the new owner about the peculiar layout of the third story. Cheryl Meltantini did not respond to a request for comment. Neither did any of the local homeschool mothers.