Listed below are the three primary reasons why I would benefit from receiving the meal plan scholarship.

1: My brain requires nutrients to learn.

First of all, let us start with the basics. In order to grow in knowledge and understanding at your fine institution, I need a well-balanced diet filled with the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins essential for maintaining a healthy body. I will be studying in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This particular field requires a fair bit of memorization. I must keep my brain sharp in order to retain all the pertinent information. In my desired career, forgetfulness is not an option. Lives are at stake. True, the study hall is not the same as the medical floor, but why not begin good habits now? I try to follow best practices regarding nutrient and vitamin intake in order to perform my best possible work.

Now, you might be asking yourself why I bring up such obvious points regarding the necessity of eating in order to learn. Don’t all students require proper nutrition?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Yes. Of course all students are in need of a robust supply of foodstuffs. I simply want to bring up the point that I take my health seriously and see the regular intake of healthy meals an essential component of maintaining homeostasis. I wouldn’t want you to confuse me for one of those Red Bull guzzling, candy binging, late-night students who somehow manages to pass their classes despite a general lack of discipline. No. I will not fill my body will less than optimal fuel for this very serious task before me called ‘finishing college’.

2: I can’t cook.

I’ve put this point bluntly, but only in an effort towards complete honesty and transparency. As much I appreciate a finely cooked meal, I have proven myself a complete failure in producing one. In the future, I hope to improve upon my lack of skills in this area. But for now, during this time of heightened academic learning, I have scant time available for culinary pursuits.

Receiving the meal plan scholarship would graciously allow me to continue to put my acquirement of cooking skills on hold, which will empower me to give greater energies to my nursing studies. Sometimes, pursuing excellence with a singular focus requires leaving alternate paths untrodden for a time.

3: My lack of financial resources.

Receiving the meal plan scholarship would greatly reduce the financial stress of being a full-time college student. As a transfer student, I will be moving to Bemidji with little in the way of personal connections or employment leads. Currently, I work two jobs in order to pay my bills. But, as of now, I have no employment lined up for my time of residence in your beautiful town.

Additionally, I will not be receiving monetary support from my family. Both of my working-class parents are very supportive of my educational pursuits, but lack the resources to back me financially.

Finally, the nursing program presents a rigorous selection of courses that will take up most of my time. I will have few extra hours to dedicate to earning a supplemental income. Skimping on my homework in favor of more hours at a part-time job will not be an option.

I believe that the meal plan scholarship is designed for students who are in exactly my type of situation. I’m a dedicated student who understands the importance of healthy eating but is lacking in the ability to provide myself with consistent, nutrient-rich meals. If I receive the meal plan scholarship, I will make sure to take advantage of it to the full benefit, knowing that the assistance it affords me is adding to my scholarly pursuits in innumerable ways.