Johnnie was a dog walker.


One of his clients had a stubborn dog named Grover (Grover has since passed but that’s besides the point).

One autumn afternoon Johnnie was attempting to take Grover around the block.

Grover would not budge an inch.

After minutes of coaxing and pleading, Johnnie was fed up.

He yanked on Grover’s collar.

The dog’s head jerked and his paws fumbled for traction.

Johnnie dragged Grover around the block.

A neighbor saw this little episode from her large spotless front window.

She called Grover’s owner, who came home promptly and fired Johnnie with a wave of her hand and a firm “Go.”

In the small town, news of Johnnie’s gaffe spread quickly.

Soon, Johnnie had lost all his clients.

It was probably for the best, though.

Johnnie moved away and raised funding to open up a distillery.

I hear he’s doing quite well.