Rochelle’s life coach told her every Tuesday morning that she needed to live her life 100%.

“Am I really paying you $279 a month to remind me to try harder?” Rochelle questioned.

Her life coach explained (every Tuesday) that living 100% doesn’t mean what most people think it does.

You aren’t supposed to give 100% all of the time. Your effort is a pizza (gluten-free and vegan) with 100 slices that you have to divvy up between all of your desires. If you optimize each slice and make sure to utilize every single one, The Universe rewards you with a balanced life. And only a balanced life can truly achieve its goals.

By the 7th Tuesday, Rochelle felt like she was finally getting it. She couldn’t tell if her ego was finally settling down or if this new carb-free diet was messing with her head.

Rochelle showed her life coach the pizza chart she had filled out the previous night. Finally, her priorities were in order.

08 slices to Drinking Green Smoothies
12 slices to Manifesting My Feminine Wonder
19 slices to Getting Back At Brad For Canceling Our Engagement
14 slices to Binge Watching Netflix #treatyourself
27 slices to Climbing The Corporate Ladder But In A Sustainable, Ego-Free Manner
06 slices to Adopting Dogs With Trauma Issues
03 slices to Taking Kathy Our To Coffee To Increase My Capacity For Empathy
11 slices to Starting My Side Hustle So I Can Pay For My Life Coach

“So, what do think?” Rochelle asked.

Her life coach beamed. “I’m so proud of this new lifestyle you’ve designed for yourself. The Universe recognizes a documented desire. And, if you ever need a reference for your new side hustle, you can put my name down.”