By Published On: December 2nd, 2020346 words1.7 min read

These people love to talk about Things They Have Heard. These people love to tell you about Articles They Have Read. These people like to hypothesize. But they don’t like experiments.

These people steal. They steal seconds, minutes, and hours of your time. They steal from future people who will actually have something to say to you but won’t be able to get their point across because you will tune them out when you suspect they are just like the people who want to tell you what they think about COVID.

These people measure poorly. They are bad at measuring words, time, and the attention spans of their listeners. They have no experience measuring anything scientifically. They can measure the glasses of wine they drink in an evening, and even then, not so well.

These people live nearby. In homes they own. They own, mostly. If they rented, they might shut up about what they think about COVID. They might consider their breath a bit more, if they rented.

These people live with you. They help set The Rules Of The House. But they don’t write them down. You should be able figure out their rules by having the exact same moral compass and appetite for risk as they do.

These people want you to agree with them. With them And Not Those Other People. They like nods of the head, mh-hmms, and sighs about how most of the population is doing it wrong.

These people want to be right. And thankfully, they’ve already figured it out. So, in their satisfaction, they desire that others be right in the way they are right, right along with them.

These people want life to be better. Right now. Later when there’s a vaccine. When the Democrats are in office. When the Republicans are in office. When industrialism gave us all a job. Someday, when workers own the means of production.

These people are you. And they are me. We’re all going a little bit crazy right now. Cooped up, awaiting our deaths.